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Районный конкурс по английскому языку « Альбион»
Приложение № 1
к приказу МКУ Буздякский
Отдел образования № __ от ____ 2016г.

о проведении районного конкурса по английскому языку « Альбион»

1. Общие положения
1.1. Организаторами районного конкурса по английскому языку являются МКУ Отдел образования МР Буздякский район РБ, МОБУ СОШ № 2 с. Буздяк. Конкурс проводит школьное методическое объединение учителей английского языка МОБУ СОШ №2 с. Буздяк.
1.2. Цели и задачи конкурса:
1) развивать интерес к изучению английского языка у учащихся, 2) формировать целеустремленных и творческих учащихся на основе инициативы, самостоятельности.
1.3. Участники конкурса: обучающиеся 5 -11классов.
1.4. Школьники принимают участие в конкурсе добровольно и на бесплатной основе.

2. Общее руководство
2.1. Общее руководство конкурсом осуществляется Оргкомитетом.
2.2. Оценка конкурсных работ осуществляется Жюри. Состав Жюри утверждается решением Оргкомитета конкурса.

3.Порядок проведения конкурса.
Требования к содержанию и оформлению работы.
3.1. Конкурс проводится в дистанционной форме на базе МОБУ СОШ № 2 с. Буздяк.
3.2. Задания высылаются в школы по электронной почте. Участники оформляют ответы на вопросы в тетрадях от руки. К рассмотрению принимаются индивидуальные работы в назначенные сроки.
3.3. Работа выполняются в отдельной тетради. На обложке указываются следующие данные об участнике конкурса: населенный пункт, школа, класс, фамилия, имя и отчество учителя английского языка, фамилия и имя участника, домашний адрес и телефон (домашний или сотовый). Каждое задание выполняется на отдельной странице. Записи должны вестись аккуратно и разборчиво.
3.4. Срок сдачи заданий до 26 февраля 2016г. по адресу: 452710, Буздякский район, с. Буздяк, ул. Кирова, 25а, МОБУ СОШ №2. ШМО учителей иностранного языка.

4. Подведение итогов и определение победителей конкурса
4.1. Победители и призеры награждаются почетными грамотами МКУ Буздякский Отдел образования, участникам конкурса вручаются сертификаты.

[color=red]Конкурсные задания.10-11 классы.

1. Fill in “the” or “a/an” where it’s necessary.
1) … United States of America is located in … North America between…Canada and…Mexico. The official language of the USA is…English.
2) The office is on … second floor.
3) I cannot find …red pencil which you gave me yesterday.
4) I spoke to …manager who promised to ship the goods at once.
5) She wants … bigger trunk.
6) I have …wonderful clock, which is one hundred years old.
7) At the port we saw…steamer which was being loaded with grain.
8) …Earth is millions of kilometres from…sun.
9) What …beautiful city! I would like to live here.
10) …Chinese Language is one of the most difficult for Europeans to learn.

2. Fill in prepositions.
1) Put these flowers … the windowsill.
a) at
b) in
c) on
2) Lev Tolstoy liked to get up … sunrise.
a) at
b) on
c) in
3) Harry isn’t bad … languages.
a) in
b) on
c) at
4) Everyone falls in love …the quaint charm of the Mexican village atmosphere with its fine old buildings and beautiful squares.
a) with
b) by
c) for
5) The city is … the heart of the state.
a) at
b) by
c) in
6) We’d rather travel … boat.
a) in
b) at
c) by
7) In 1923, Edward Ellington moved to New York and formed a band … his own.
a) of
b) in
c) by
8) In 1854, Britain, France and Turkey were at war … Russia.
a) at
b) over
c) with
9) A lot of doctors have shown interest … traditional remedies.
a) of
b) in
c) at
10) Joshua suffers … headaches.
a) with
b) of
c) from
3. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tenses.
1) Ashley and Jesse … (to have) a car boot sale next Saturday.
2) Jeremy believes that he … (to pass) his exams this year.
3) As soon as Daniel … (to arrive), I’ll ask him to call you.
4) Linda … (to meet) her future husband while she … (to travel) around Canada a year ago.
5) The last time she … (to go)to the dentist was two months ago.
6) He said that he … (to cook) when the phone rang.
7) A week ago the explosion … (to shake) the buildings miles away.
8) His train … (to leave) at six o’clock tomorrow morning.
9) This time next month I … (to work) in Rome.
10) Dan doesn’t want to go to the cinema because he … (to see) this film twice.

4. Fill in the gaps in the sentences with the proper word forms.

1) Mary is … now than she has ever been.
2) People in business realize that if they want to be … they should care as much about the quality of the customer service as they do about the quality of their production.
3) The tartan kilt is a well-known and very striking part of Scottish … dress.
4) The Seafood Special has prawns, mussels, squid and crab with spaghetti in a light …sauce.
5) As there no … records, nobody knows why Stonehenge was built.
6) For a long time scientists believed that life could only exist in the … of sunlight and oxygen.
7) Donald Duck was Walt Disney’s second most … cartoon character after Mickey Mouse.
8) In ancient times, gold was stored in … temples.
9) I often hear people saying that life in the past was a lot … than it is now.
10) I live in a large city and in summer it seems that there are more … than residents.









5. Translate and give the explanations of the proverbs.
1) Time and tide wait for no man.
2) Every bird likes its own nest.
3) No wisdom like silence.
6. Comment on the following statement.
Some people believe that the Earth is being harmed by human activity. Others feel that human activity makes the Earth a better place to live.
What is your opinion?

Конкурсные задания 9 класс
Task 1. Supply the articles if necessary/ Вставьте артикли, где необходимо:

1. Between __________ two stools one falls to ________ ground.
2. _______ brevity is _______ soul of wit.
3. ________ charity begins at _________ home.
4. Closed mouth catches no _______ flies.
5. _________experience is _________ best teacher.
6. _________fire and ______ water are good servants, but _______ bad masters.
7. One cannot blow and swallow at ________same time.
8. One cloud is enough to eclipse _______ sun.
9. One hand washes ________others.

Task 2. Change the word in brackets to complete the sentence. / Измените слово, данное в скобках, чтобы закончить предложение.
1. There was a … to find the best book. (COMPETE
2. Flowers … bees. (ATTRACTIVE) __________
3. That … is by Picasso. (PAINT) __________
4. We must make a … about where to go. (DECIDE) ___________
5. How many … holidays do you have? (NATION) _________
6. The film was … and he became rich. (SUCCESS) __________
7. He lives in a … house by the sea. (WOOD) __________
8. Could you repeat that … ? (EXPLAIN) __________
9. We are … of our district. (PRIDE) __________

Task 3. Complete the text with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets/
Дополните текст глаголами в правильной форме.
Ronald and Mary 1________ (drive) along a quite country road in Southern England. They 2________ (be) on the way to West berry. It 3_______ (be) nearly midnight. ‘Ron! Look over there! There 4_______ (be) something in the sky. What 5______ (be) it? - ‘I 6______ (not know) what it 7 ________(be). It 8______ (be) probably a plane.’ –‘I 9________ (not think) so, it 10______(be) too big an too bright.’-‘Oh, no!’-‘What’s matter?’ – ‘The engine 11_______ (stop)’.- ‘Why 12____it______(stop)?’- ‘I 13_______ (not know). I must 14 _________ (find) a garage.15________ (be) there one near here?’- ‘Yes, there 16______ (be) one in the next village. I 17________ (not be) sure if it 18 _______ (be) open. It 19 ______ (be) very late.’
Suddenly there 20______ _(be) a loud noise and a big bright silver object 21 ______(fly low over their car.) It 22_______ (stop) in mid-air, 23 _________ (loom) round, then 24 _______ (fly) straight up into sky and 25_______(disappear).

Task 4. Вставьте предлоги.

1. Не bought a book ... English poems and gave it... his sister.
2. I wrote ... him asking to send me a box ... chocolates.
3. The roof ... the house is very old.
4. The boy cut his finger ... a knife.
5. The boat was carried ... the waves into the open sea.
6.The teacher was pleased ... our work.
7. He put his hand ... his pocket, took out a letter and dropped it ... the mail-box which hung ... the wall of the house. Then he got ... his car and drove off.
8.. There is a beautiful picture ... the wall.
9. I like to sit ... the sofa ... my room.

Task5 .Объясните значение пословиц и переведите на русский язык.

1. Murder will out

2. No song, no supper.

3. Neck or nothing.

Task 6.You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Joe.

… I am going to a new school. I have a new class and new teachers. I find everything all right.

… What school do you go to? … Do you like your school? … Do you have friends at school?

White a letter to him and answer his 3 questions

Задания для 8 класса.
I. Fill in articles if necessary.
1. …. Chicago River flows south towards … Gulf of … Mexico.
2. … Panama Canal connects … Atlantic and … Pacific Oceans.
3. … Milky Way is not … only Galaxy in … space.
4. Where are … British Isles situated?
5. ….Russia and … United States are … most advanced space countries.
6. … Volga flows from … Valdai Hills to … Caspian Sea.
7. … Alaska is the biggest state in the … USA.
8. … Moon goes … round … Earth.
II. Put in the prepositions.
1. My little brother is good … playing computer games.
2. He arrived … the airport too early.
3. He always lives in the country while … holiday.
4. I fell …the stairs and broke my leg.
5. I’m going to take the dog … for a walk.
6. I must remember to take the book … to the library.
7. Nick is …the street, just … the end of the street.
8. They arrived …Paris late … night.
III. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form.
1. He (come) I and (see) Nelly who (draw) a strange picture.
2. I (tell) him he should not read while he (eat).
3. He (not like) to play while others (work).
4. We (walk) in silence for five minutes, then he (speak).
5. They ( finish) the translation by five o’clock.
6. She (go on) with the story where her mother (stop).
7.By the time we (arrive), the party (finish).
8.There was nobody in the room when I ( get) home, everybody (go) to bed.
IV. Form the new words.
Have you read the article about space …?
Could you tell me about Christmas …. in your country?
She could give no …. to anybody.
4. Beauty.
The flowers in my granny’s garden are….
5. To attract
The houses in our city are not very ….
In the nearest future ….. will solve most of medical problems.
It’s a .... day, isn’t it?
The kiwi is the ….. emblem of New Zealand.

V. Translate the proverbs and give your comments in English.
1. As you make your bed, so you must lie on it.
2. Honesty is the best policy
3. It is no use crying over spilt milk.

VI. Write the letter to your pen friend about ecological problems in the world.

7 класс
1. Написать зарубежному другу по переписке о том, каким ты видишь нашу планету в будущем. (80-100 слов) Задать другу три вопроса.

2. Вставить артикли a/an или the, где необходимо.
1. … doctor told me to take these three pills … three times … day but he forgot to write out … prescription.
2. … weather was terrible … last summer and … roses in our garden didn’t look nice.
3. Is … Malta in … Mediterranean?
4. Where are … sweets I bought … day before yesterday? I left them on … kitchen table.
5. The highest point of ... Earth is … Mount Everest in … Himalayas.
6. … Buckingham Palace is the official residence of … Royal family.
7. I have just had … accident so I am in … hospital.

3. Вставить глаголы в нужной форме.
1. The police officer made the driver ( to stop) the car.
2. The plane to Paris (to take off) early on Monday morning.
3. I think my new jeans (to look) terrific!
4. If I loose my job, I (to go) to the sea for a week.
5. We (to finish) the third game of chess when they finally came.
6. She was here a few minutes ago, but she (to go) now.
7. The child hopes he (to give) a computer by Santa Claus, but his parents make up their minds that the boy (to present) with a new scooter.

4. Вставить предлоги.
1. There was not a cloud … sky.
2. He was brought up … farm.
3. He is sick … flu.
4. These students are not very strong … physics.
5. Never talk to me … that manner.
6. Who did she send this parcel … ?
7. It was very kind … you to help my mother in the hospital.

5. Преобразуйте слова , чтобы они соответствовали смыслу предложения.
1. The week before she felt (nerve) and uneasy.
2. Since her (child) reading was Jim’s hobby.
3. Horror stories can describe very real events such as being attacked by a (strange) in your home.
4. His writing career was (tragical) short.
5. The earliest (collect) of nursery rhymes was Mother Goose Melody, published in 1780.
6. Her parents died the year before and she felt that it was the (bad) period in her life.
7. Sometimes the cause of the horror is in the main character’s (imagine).

6. Найти соответствующие русские пословицы и объяснить их.
1. Do at Rome as the Romans do.
2. Fortune favours the brave.
3. Handsome is that handsome does.

Конкурс «Альбион» по английскому языку.
Задания для 6 классов

I. Fill in the article (a, an, the).
1. She has got … son and …daughter.
2. … son is learning English … daughter is studying math.
3. My uncle is … policeman.
4. Would you like … cup of tea?
5. Would you go to … art gallery she told us about.
6. When I was in … USA last summer I lived on … farm.

II. Fill in the appropriate preposition: of, in, during, for, at, to.
1. I am proud … my father.
2. The city is famous … its museums.
3. The stadium was built … 1960.
4. What did you do … summer holidays?
5. Many years ago many schoolchildren walked … school.
6. … the age of 20 he met his wife.

III. Tenses.
1. What are you … now? I am … my homework. (do, doing, done)
2. I usually … to music in the evening (listening, listen, will listen).
3. His father … his job next week (change, will change, changed).
4. I often … my grandparents on Sundays (visited, visit, visiting).
5. Have you ever … to Paris? (was, be, been)
6. The exotic animals were … in the Tower of London in the thirteenth century. (will live, lived, are living)

IV. Wordformation (Словообразование).
Give the opposite meaning
1. friendly - 4. unknown -
2. lucky - 5. unpleasant -
3. polite - 6. independent -

V. Translate the proverb.
1. A bad beginning makes a bad ending.
2. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
3. A close mouth catches no flies.

VI. Write a letter to your friend about your relatives.

Задания для 5 класса
1.Написать письмо зарубежному другу по переписке о себе, семье и о своих увлечениях. (60 – 80 слов)
2. Поставьте существительные во множественное число.
mouse ,butter , coffee, man, shelf, rabbit, fox, goose, lady, baby, boy, city, leaf, child
3. a) Раскройте скобки, поставив глагол в нужную форму в Present Simple, Past Simple, Future Simple запишите предложения.
b). Задайте общий и специальные вопросы к любому предложению.
c) Запишите любое предложение в отрицательной форме .

1) He …… (go) to school yesterday.
2) Mother …… (cook) dinner last Sunday.
3) We …… (go) fishing next summer.
4) They ……. (buy) birthday cake tomorrow.
5) He always …… (get up) at seven o’clock every morning.
6) On Mondays we …… (help) our parents in the garden.
4. Дать русский эквивалент пословицам:
1) First think, then speak.
2) Business before pleasure.
5. Прошли зимние каникулы. Напиши своему британскому другу, что ты делал(а) во время прошедших каникул (2 предложения), что ты обычно делаешь во время зимних каникул (2 предложения), и что будешь делать во время наступающих летних каникул (2 предложения).
Last winter I _________________________________________________________________
_I usually _____________________________________________________________________
Next summer _________________________________________________________________
6. Составить небольшое сообщение о любимом герое из сказки или мультфильма. (60 - 80 слов).
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